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Nother "Egg Bound" Question......

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One of my three year old hens starting demonstrating egg bound symptoms & upon examination I removed some egg shell hanging out of her vent,  thus the rest of the broken egg is still inside her.... I stuck a gloved finger in her vent & couldn't feel any more of the shell I've researched some here on the topic, and she'll probably get an infection and it won't end well..... Is there anything I can do to help her?

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Put her in a warm bath of Epsom salts. The warmth should help her relax and pass the rest of the egg shell if there is any left inside.
If nothing else, this will help keep her clean if she has indeed cut herself.
Fresh garlic will help with her immune system if she will eat a little.
Hope she pulls through for you!
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Thanks for the advice! I checked on her earlier & her wings were drooped & she was shuffling her feet.......... doesn't look good..... :(



I'll certainly try your suggestion if she's alive in the morning.......

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