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Name that chicken!

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I ordered 25 chicks which came in today. They were supposed to be 5 each of Australorps, easter eggers, wyandottes, california whites and Speckled Sussex. Due to low hatches i was told they substituted my sussex for rainbows. I looks to me like they just added 1 more of each of the other 4 varieties, with the exception of 1 chick. I have no idea what breed it may be. Any guesses? The one that looks like a leopard.
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I'm not sure I will be much help.  At first it kind of looked like a buff silkie, with the color and the beard, but the color isn't quite right, and it doesn't seem to have a crest and the legs are the wrong color.  I would look on the website for bearded breeds.  What hatchery did you order from?

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I ordered from eFowl. I was thinking maybe an extra California white, but i think she has way too much black for that.
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Its the one right in front right? that's buff with the black on it?  Yeah, I don't think it's a california white.  I got two california whites as chicks 2 years ago, and had them until a few months ago.  I think they both died from worms(maybe?).  Plus california whites don't have beards.  It has a beard right?  Can you take a better picture of it's face? I'll look at the website.  

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I forgot to ask.  Is it a bantam, or large fowl?

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I know the feet aren't dark, but it could be an easter egger that just has a different pattern.  I couldn't find anything other than that on the website.  Its the only breed that has a beard and muffs, clean legs, and is a bantam.  It also seems to have a comb other than a single(straight) comb.  I'm guessing it's a bantam but I'm not sure.  I guess you might just have to wait for it to feather out.  Keep us(or just me at the moment lol) posted if you find out anything else :)

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It "should" be a large fowl. This is only my second time having chicks, so im still pretty new. I have a 2nd im not 100% sure about and its just a light, sort of, rust orange. It may be that yhey are both, indeed, rainbow chickens, which from what ive read is basically a mutt. This would explain the random pattern. Regardless, she is currently the family favorite! Picture 3 is an Easter egger and the 2 chicks in question.

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Yeah...sorry I couldn't be more help. I'm not an expert in any respect. I just got chickens 2 years ago. The red one could be any red chicken. You may have to just wait until they feather out. Sorry. I hope someone with more knowledge can help you better smile.png
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The spotted one looks like a golden campine but they don't have beards.
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how did it turn out?


Did you identify your mystery chick??




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