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Help! Should I cull?

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My blue isbar pullet was fine until two days ago, when her leg went limp and she began dragging it behind her. She can grip with her foot, but it seems like a tendon is missing or out of place -- whatever allows the leg to bend forward. 


Here is a 20-second video:


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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HELP? Has anyone seen this before?

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Hm I've never seen that before! How old is she? Can she get around on her own or is she pretty much immobile? Personally, I wouldn't cull if she can get around and isn't obviously suffering. Hopefully someone else who has more experience than I do could suggest a bandaging or something that might help!
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Sorry to post twice, but I thought of some more questions that might help others help you better: Where did you get your chicks? Were they vaccinated? How many chickmates does she have? Are any others acting strange at all? Trying to rule out the scarier infections...from the way she's acting I doubt that's the case, but better safe than sorry. smile.png

Also, did you just suddenly notice this two days ago out of the blue? Can you think of any way she could have gotten injured/got her foot caught in something? She's in a brooder setting, I imagine?
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