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What's going on?

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  I have a 8 week old cockrell that is sick and I can't find the answer. I'm also told take a pic. What he's doing need a video. But he is staying in a crouch with his head and neck sorta pulled back into his body. He lifts his his head as though he drinking water from a nipple with his eyes shut. Opens his mouth and closes. Almost like he's taking deep breaths. He is always in that crouch even when he's moving. When I put out feed he's the first to it and eats after the rest of the younguns are done. When he opens his eyes they look like he's sleepy. Not bright eyed like the others.


  Any ideas?

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How does his crop feel? Is it emptying by early morning before he eats? Is he eating and drinking okay? How do his droppings look? At his age I would wonder about possible coccidiosis, unless he has a crop problem.

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Do you have any antibiotics you could give him? Oxytetracycline, Duramycin 10, or even Sulmet? Sulmet would treat cocci. The thing is to try and figure out if it is something respiratory going on or cocci. Mold in the brooder or coop can also cause breathing problems. If his crop seems impacted you could try giving him extra water and massaging it several times a day.  Does he look at all like he could have wry neck or star gazing? Vitamin E with selenium are good for that. Nutri-drench and Poultry Cell both contain those.

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How is your little cockerel doing today?

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