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Secondary humidity/temp gauge

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Hi all

I'm barrowing a incubator from a friend that once hatched some chicken eggs. I do have the quail trays for the turner. But there is nothing to read the temp or humidity for it. Is there any recommended for this. Especially For the humidity.

He told me that they would just fill the one tray with water atleast every 4 days.

This is the 1588 Hov-Bator incubator
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You can download the user manual from the internet. I would recommend buying a hygrometer to measure humidity. Many of them come with a thermometer built in as well. I find the ones made for cigar humidors work best. Filling the one tray that the instructions call for might work for the first 14 days, but it is very important to know where your humidity is in the last 3 days. 

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I have the book for it and it just says to keep the C tray full. But there is nothing to keep track of the humidity. Going to have to find one.
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If you have the 1588 Genesis, it has a digital readout of temp and humidity. But that's up top near the fan. Get a secondary that you can put down near the eggs. If you're hatching coturnix eggs leave one egg tray out and adjust the spacing of the trays so the eggs don't bump each other as they turn.
Here in Georgia I have to cover part of the water tray with foil to lower the humidity. Get it set up and run it for a few days before you put the eggs in so you know what your temp and humidity are.

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I have a gennis 1588 hovator,pre set temp and  is12 volt.It also has a huminity gage.Untill I trusted it I used a seperate theromenter.Its so accurate I dont use an extra one,it says temp is pre  set to 100 temp  always reads 99.9.They said to first use 2 small right side small channels.That will give you pretty good for setting,they said to use the third one for hatching.I can fill the ist 2 and half a turker baster in 3rd.that gives me about 50%.Its much eaiser than my little giantsIt has 4 others,includingsome big ones

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Strongburgs and about every dealer sell them.I got one for $ 9.00.i had one back ordered for$ 39.00

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myine is preset to 99.9 which I also use on my little giants.My book says %39 to %55 for setting and 55% to %65 for hatching.Plus they recommend not to go over%65

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The one I have must be an older one. It does not have the digital control. There are 8 switches on the inside. I did go get a temp/humidity gauge that shows indoor/outdoor temp. I'll get some pics tomorrow.
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