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The egg shells /oyster shells need to be super crushed up? Like a type of powder?
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Originally Posted by MaureenD View Post

One of my runners does this too.  She is insistent that I pet her to the point she will not get out of my way when I enter the pen. smile.png

It is nice to hear I am accepted as one of the flock.  She was mad at me in January- I traveled, and when I returned she gave me the cold shoulder.

She is back to normal now.  Both her and her runner hen sister have taken a couple months off of laying here in south central WI.  Days are getting longer. YEAH!
They seem to enjoy foraging time when the weather is warmer and the grass is showing.  I have two welsh harlequin hens and they vary in laying- I get one or two eggs a day right now from them.  Hoping to get back to full production (4 eggs a day) soon.

Your Pekin is pretty. Thanks for the shared video.

Thank you 😊 she loves attention! I think it's funny (but also sad) when pets get mad at you for leaving them. Whenever I go out for a few minutes my duck got so mad and started picking at me. I don't want to take her out with me yet until she gets her boots 😊
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The oyster shell will come in pieces so you don't need to do anything with them. Egg shells you should crush a little so they don't resemble an egg anymore. If they look like eggs it might encourage your duck to eat her own eggs.
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Okay! I'm just worried they can hurt her in some way. Should I feed her these now? Or once she lays eggs?
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Offer them to her free choice now. She will eat what she needs.
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