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 I still cant get the growths "loose" They are so deep down her throat where it seems to be holding on. You know i have been treating for almost 3 weeks. The growths as I call them as they are very hard and attached have reduced in size considerably but are still hanging in there. Do you gals think maybe I should switch to the copper sulfate? Can I give both? I dug around in her mouth last night and got some pieces off but pulling the mass out is still impossible! I will get a new pic in tonight in a little while thanks again

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Here is very short video of her mouth at end it clears up well!

thanks for helping

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I hope she gets better. I don't have any experience with canker to give any more advice. I doubt if the acidified copper sulfate would hurt, but just use it at 1/4 tsp per gallon of water for 3 days once a month. 

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