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Egg Binding but worse?

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Good morning - one of my hens is egg bound, based on what I've read. I've done everything I can to help her out (warm bath, lubrication, warm damp place to sit), but I can't seem to fix it. The problem is, I can't actually see the egg. I can see the shape, it's large and right near the cloaca, so it wants to come out. But there is some kind of tissue or membrane in the way - I've reached in and all around the egg, but nowhere can I feel the actual shell; there's always a layer of tissue in between. I'm not terribly familiar with a chicken's interior anatomy, but is it possible that something got twisted around or something, and the shell gland is completely enveloping the egg? She's still eating and drinking but clearly uncomfortable. I've tried multiple times to work it out, but no luck. Is there any way I can reach in and maneuver the egg into the right position? 

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Have you given her any calcium (Tums, calcium tablet, crushed egg shell) in case she is low? You can place her in a warm humid area, such as a warm bathroom with some steam. She could have something else such as a tumor or blockage in her large intestines. Hopefully some of these links and diagrams will help you:





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Yeah, I gave her some Tums yesterday - the egg has definitely moved since I first noticed it, but it doesn't seem to want to come all the way out.

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