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Please help should I cull or not

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So I hatched out this little guy this year and put him out with my flock and have been checking on him every hour or so and just went out to check on him and this is what I found...
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What ever happened to him they ripped of most of the skin on his neck. Please help really don't know what to do.
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Do you have some Vetericyn wound spray, Betadine, or Chlorhexidene that you could use to clean his wound. Vetericyn is the easiest just to spray on. The other two should be used according to label with water. Then you can apply some plain antibiotic ointment such as Neosproirin or Bacitracin twice daily. Is he alert and able to stand? Keep him isolated, and try to get him to drink fluids (electrolytes, pedialyte, or gatorade) room temperature. Offer some egg chopped, and his usual feed with water added to make it wet. A bit of plain yogurt will provide some probiotics if his feed or electrolytes don't have any. Liquids are more important than feed the first day or so. Shock can be common, so keep him warm.

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Yes he is able to stand and where could I get vetericyn. I'm really worried about him I think his dad did this to him but am not sure and when he moves him beak I can see muscles moving in back that aren't connected to anything will those heal if he does get better. Oh and I brought him inside as soon as I saw what they had done to him. Thanks for your response!
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Please help I can't get any of those wound treatments because there is a state of emergency because of weather can I use something other than those?
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Yes you can use saline or salt water (1 tsp to 1 Quart water boiled for 15 minutes, then cooled,) hydrogen peroxide, then rinse, or just soap and water. Do you have plain neosporin or any type of antibiotic ointment? Coconut oil might be a good substitute. Do you mean that his beak is cracked? That might be serious, but it depends if he can manage to eat and drink. Adding water to his feed to make it runny, and eating out of a tall sided bowl might help him eat.

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No his beak is not cracked what I meant is I can see muscles on the back of his neck. I got to rural King and bought to vetericyn and sprayed him he he can drink so I think or at least hope he will make it.
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I hope he makes it. Please give us an update on his condition in a day or two.
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The little guy is doing great so far, he's eating and drinking a lot. He is doing that all by himself which is awesome. smile.png
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