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Vent Gleet?

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Just need some confirmation. I've never had it before in my flock. I notice another bird has a runnel of wet poop drying on her bum feathers. I've looked at Sally Sunshines page and a couple of others, so I know how to treat... just want to be sure this is indeed Vent Gleet. I soaked her and tried to remove some of the yellowish cement. I stopped after a bit because it really didn't want to come off. Is the treatment regimen going to be able to get rid of this built up gunk? She's straining to poo. It comes out more like a dog than a chicken, kwim?


ThanksVent gleet, I think!

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Her vent doesn't look normal to me. It might be because of her constipation, but she also may have some vent damage from a previous prolapse or vent pecking. The yellow crusty areas around the vent opening should be scrubbed with a cloth in warm soapy water to help debride that. I have one who constantly gets poop stuck on the area under her vent because she has a bulge under there. The poop itself it irritating and can scald the skin. If you have a nice vet who could test her fresh droppings for fungus, bacteria, cocci, and worms, it could rule out a lot. Epsom salts is a good thing to soak bottoms in, but soapy water is also good. If she seems to have trouble passing stool, you can give her 1/2 tsp of castor oil or some molasses. 

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Thanks, here's another photo that I took today during her bath. I tried to scrub off more, but man, she looks so raw! I soaked her in soapy water and have put molasses in her drinking water. I also slapped some monistat on her vent, figured it couldn't hurt. Then gave her a mash with chicken feed, yogurt, wheat germ and probiotic powder in it. 


If I can I'll get a stool sample to a vet, but I've never seen a vet about my chickens and if they charge a lot I may not be able to go that route. My husband is very much a fan of "off with their heads" if they have an issue that may not go away quickly. 


Yeah, her vent just kind of pooches out in a circular way. It's really red and inflamed inside and I can't even  image trying to get an egg through. I don't think she's laying yet. She's one of my Marans that took a break this winter. 

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It looks more  like a prolapse that has become a little necrotic. It might improve it you use some epsom salt warm soaks, and continue the scrubbing off of the dead tissue. Epsom salts can really soften the necrotic tissue. Then apply some hemorrhoid cream or some antibiotic ointment to shrink swelling and keep it from drying.

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Thank you, I'll give it a try. If I can't clear this up am I going to have to put her out of her misery? She's acting better today but I can't imagine her passing an egg through that!
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