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Silkie With Crooked Neck?

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My Silkie hen has a crooked neck! Her head is pointed down to the ground. She is a little less than a year old.


Here are her symptoms:

  • She is lying down
  • She tries to tuck her head underneath her
  • She is slightly unstable
  • Even when she walks/eats/ect she has this "kink" in her neck (but her head is positioned down)


She was hatching an egg about 3 months ago and had these same symptoms. After we took the egg away from her, she went back to normal except for a slight kink left in her neck. Now the same symptoms are back (but I do not think that she is broody). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you

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Sounds like she has wry/crook neck. Check out this link ~ Great info on this post all about it.

Good luck with her fl.gif
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Thank you for your response! My vet said that they cannot give me any Prednisone without my hen coming into the clinic. At this point, I think I should not move my hen too much. Do you know if I should do the treatment you recommended to me without the Prednisone? Thanks again:)

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