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You don't want to keep water in the coop in the winter for one reason... FROSTBITE.  Putting extra moisture in the coops is the exact opposite of what you want, plenty of humidity builds up from the birds respiration alone. Ventilations would be extremely important for those who keep water in the coop. Chickens eat about 1/4 pound to 1/2 pound of feed each per day, in the winter they eat more because they need the calories to burn for warmth, they are also finding less grass, bugs and things to eat on their own.

I've kept water in the coop for 23 years & never had a problem.  Ventilation is the key.  How can my birds get up at 2 a.m. and have no water?  Can't understand food or water in the run.  I like to keep it there away from the critters.  Also you won't usually get poop in your water if your coop is large enough to house birds & their food & water.

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I've never had birds get up during the night and drink water.  Once the sun goes down, so do their eyelids and they stay that way until sunup. Food and water are out in the run, and they get up, head out the pop door and begin their day.  I don't use any supplemental lighting in my coop for egg production - could that be the difference?  :idunno

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My birds go in at nightfall and go to sleep, they don't wander around and look for a midnight snack. They are hardwired to have a resting period and a foraging period (all day), one of my coops contains a feeder and waterer because I'm weaning chicks off their old schedule of eating and drinking whenever they want (just moved them outside this week). I wouldn't do this long term because it will attract rodents no matter what and the excess moisture is just a nightmare, the more surface area with water the higher the humidity, humid isn't comfortable nor would I willingly sleep in such a environment. Why would you want your birds too?

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