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Need Advice on Quial

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I've recently started keeping quail for the first time. I have five in total. Today one of the quails was scratching her left eye- got in there to take a look and it's watery and obviously bothering her. I'm not sure what to do as I don't want it getting worse. I can post pictures later today.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Could be something just got in her eye. Or another bird pecked at it. how big is your cage? Are they coturnix? If you're worried about illness, go ahead and separate her to try to avoid anything passing to the other birds. Pics will help these more experience guys and gals to see if she has something respiratory going on.
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Here are some attempts at getting a good picture- if these pics are completing useless I'll get some help taking them the next time around. These were from yesterday and he/ she is improving (I believe now he is a he- foam in poop and he mounts the other quail). You can see in the pics that something is up with the left eye.


The cage is 16 square ft. And it IS likely the other quails are picking at him- about a week ago his feathers were being plucked out, now that's healed. Could this be due to multiple males in cage?


I believe they are Texas A & M; one is all white and the other four have two small brown spots mixed among the white.







Thanks for replying- having quail is a fun journey and I'm glad there is this forum to help us out because I have many questions brewing.

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It could be from multiple males or just females who don't want to be mounted.  You've got lots of space, so that shouldn't be the issue.

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