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Considering emu

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Hello all I am seriously considering hatching an emu or two possibly....I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on hatching them I have a little giant incubator I wanted to use I know it has to be taller ...just wo dering if anyone has any advice thanks in advance
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I've never used anything but a cabinet incubator for emu but if your egg fits and isn't too close to the heating element and it's forced air i see no reason the styrofoam type wouldn't work.  good air exchange in the incubator is very important, don't cover any of your vents!!


one MUST HAVE thing you'll need is an accurate scale to weight the egg and keep track of the weight.  Incubate at 97° 30% humidity and you want to loose approximately 2% weight weekly (at least 12% and not more then 20% over the entire incubation period), you can adjust your humidity accordingly. 


after 35 days (and not any time before) you can take the egg out of the incubator and keep it at room temp for a few min (2-5 min), as the egg cools you should see some wiggle from the chick.   stop turning on day 49, hatch day can be from 50-56 days.

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