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Please give any advice on sick hen

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I have an Orpington that started laying a few weeks ago. She was around 5 months at the time. She has laid small but healthy eggs until last few days. Now I am finding one or two soft shell eggs! She seems okay as far as eating and drinking. She is the low end of pecking order so I'm wondering if she is stressed. But, can a hen lay two eggs at once??? I think it's the same chicken because the eggs are lying right next to one another on coop floor under roost pole. Advice please! I also noticed this morning her comb is floppy.
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In my experience, its quite normal for a new layer to have a few mishaps, and yes, i've had one youngster lay two eggs within 5 minutes of each other (both soft shell). It can take them a while to get their plumbing sorted out. If you are concerned about the comb issue (I'd keep an eye on it, but thats all personally) then adding vitamin supplements / electrolytes can help you rule out nutritional deficiencies.


All the best


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One day she laid the two soft eggs and then laid a normal egg later the same day. Sounds crazy but I have six hens and got six eggs from nesting boxes. She acts healthy just a little nervous lately. Thanks again for your input. I'll try electrolytes too.
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