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welsummer and crazy feet

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Has anyone else heard of this?
I'll try to get a pic later.
OK so my Welsummer has CRAZY feet! Her feet has a few tufts of feathers between her toes, and even one of her legs
Has SPUR on it!
Can chickens have that?
I looked at the others they don't seem to have it just the welsummer (her name is popcorn)
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One of my Welsumers had spurs too! And she had some feathers near her feet! What's with these Welsumers??? :) 

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You may want to post pictures and ask your question on one of these threads/forums instead of Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries and Cures.

Any chicken can have spurs regardless of gender. As far a feathered feet, I will leave that up to the identifier experts.

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