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Problem with baby chicks...

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I recently bought 6 day-old-chicks, and 2 of the black sex links seem to have poop sticking and clogging their butt... Is this normal?? I poured a tiny bit of peroxide on them but it didn't seem to have done anything... Any advice? Please help!!!
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I answered your question in the other thread you started.


That's called pasty butt and it can quickly become fatal to your chicks.  Dried poop blocks the vent and they can't poop anymore. So you'll have to take them over to the sink, wet the area with warm water, soak and soften it, and get that off.  You may have to gently pick through it with a toothpick if it's packed very hard.  Just keep washing their little butts with that water and working at it until it's gone.


After you get it off, dry it gently and then dab either vaseline, olive or coconut oil to the area to keep more poop from sticking again.  You may have to repeat this treatment a time or two, and do watch your other chicks for the same thing.  The consensus seems to be that brooders that are too warm could be a cause.  Others feed their chicks food softened into a mash with water to try to prevent it.  Whatever the cause, you are right to be concerned and need to act quickly!


Good luck!  

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Thank you so much!! Will do
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You are very welcome!  Good luck!  My first batch of chicks had pasty butt so bad and so often that I found myself wondering why, if I only had 22 chicks, I felt like I was cleaning 44 hineys!  :lau

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