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sick ? 4 wk old chick

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1 Chick four weeks old. Has diarrhea and is falling over on occasion.


2 Some of the other chicks have diarrhea too but I read it could be because they are thot. There are no worms or anything in the diarrhea.

3 let them play in the run for 2hours today. Could the chick just be tired and hot temp 75 Texas?

4 Temp is 70 -80 in the am and 50-60 at night should I remove the heat lamp.

5 She is flying and walking around.

6 The chick that are black


 are  Australorp but are now getting brown feathers. Do you think they are a mix breed




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Coccidiosis is common in younger chicks. The symptoms are lethargy, weakness, hunched posture, not eating, and diarrhea with mucus or blood. Corid (amprollium,) a cattle medicine is the treatment. Make sure that chicks on grass get some chick grit to help with digestion.

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Thank you so much for your help :)

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I gave the chicks the medication and they are better now. Thank you so much :)

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That is good news. Thank you for the update.

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