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Just noticed how big that chicks feet are... wow!  lol  :jumpy

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Lol! Yes, everyone seems to have noticed the big feet :P I now have 8 chicks and 14 pips! They've become very active in the past 24 hours. 

I'm sure yours will hatch, give them time. My first hatch didn't start until day 22.

Here are some chick pics!

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Awe.... your babies are beautiful and look very healthy!  What is their breed?  I'm sure by now you have more that have hatched and are probably nearing the end of your lock-down.  Mine has just begun!  Late last night they started to pip and I stayed up all night long watching and listening... one started to chirp inside the egg and it seemed to stimulate others to get into action too. This morning I have ten out of the 33 that have pipped and the 21st day won't come until noon today.  I hope by tonight they start to hatch - or even earlier perhaps.  It seems like they are in a hurry to get into the world and meet me!  I'll post pictures once I have one to post.... :jumpy

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That's great! Sorry I haven't been on here in a few days, it's been kind of hectic around here. I'm not sure on all of the breeds, they're a barnyard mix, but they're very cute! I ended up with 30 chicks out of 32 eggs that made it to lockdown. I was very pleased :)

How has your hatch been going? I'm looking forward to pictures!!

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