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Some sort of illness

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Hi everyone, I'm new here so hello.
We have 8 hybrid hens, 3 silkies, a Rhode island red, 3 bantam hens and a full rooster.
We were given new 8 bantams but all but 3 of them have died, they had no feathers and were losing weight, I separated them from the rest of the birds but they didn't survive.
Today I go to check on them and our other Rhode island red was laying dead on the floor.
Does anybody know what this could indicate? and a possible cure? I've cleaned the coop with bleach and let it dry out and everything has been ok for a week and bow this poor girl has died, she's a really good weight and usually really happy, even down to letting you stroke her whilst she stood still.
Obviously I know you can't diagnose an illness but any ideas would be appreciated
Many thanks
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Welcome to BYC, it is sad that you lost her so suddenly I would suggest sending her body to a lab so they can tell you exactly the problem, did they have any symptoms?

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Hi, thanks.
Nope she's usually running around happy no problems at all, I'll see if I can find a lab close to us, it's strange.
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It is strange, my first guess is mareks but I don't know how common it is in your area.

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did you make sure to give the new chicks/chickens a quarantine time away from the other chickens or did you immediately put everyone in together.

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Our gander had what I believe was mareks but he recovered with nutrition drops and being removed from everyone for a week.
I'm going to have to keep a very close eye on them all and hope they're ok.
Is there anything we can do to prevent anymore infections in the adult birds?
Thanks Simon
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They were separate but the bantam chicks are escape artists and I couldn't find where they were getting out
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Mareks is never gone if you have it in your flock any new birds you add will have to be vaccinated or will have to be hatched from your own flock, you could add vitamins and try to keep your coop as clean as possible to keep the mareks from really dragging down your birds.

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I'm going to change my the bedding alot more and I'll bleach the house out again when it's not gale force winds and severe rain. Thank you
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