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Day 20 and still no pip

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Is there something I can adjust to help things along or is this little guy just a late hatcher? I upped the humidity this morning from 65% to 70%. The egg has been wobbling since early yesterday morning, with the wobbles gradually getting bigger throughout the day yesterday. But today, it's back down to almost nothing. Help?
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maybe i missed it, did you say what kind of eggs they were?   chicken eggs take 21 days..........

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It's a chicken egg. I thought that day 21 was the day that they hatch, usually. If I understand correctly, it can still be up to 24 hours after pip before they begin to finish hatching. So this guy isn't behind schedule?
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they can go from no pip (internal or external) to hatched in as little as a few minuets, and some can take 30+ hours from pip to hatch, if your temp was correct and steady then they should hatch day 21, some can come early, some late but no your not behind schedule.

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