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First timer

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I am so excited . I will be picking up our new chicks this weekend. Some RIRs and Leghorns. My brooder is all set and ready for them. I got a bag of chick feed but I was wondering what else I should be feeding my new chicks.


I'm hoping some of you more experienced folks can point me in the right direction for information to keep my new chicks healthy and growing strong.

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Welcome!  Chick starter is all they need, just make sure it's fresh (dating on the label).  Set up your brooder in advance, and use a thermometer to judge temps in different locations in it, so you have everything adjusted before the babies arrive.  I fill the waterer the day before, so it's not cold from the tap, and turn on the heat lamp when I go to the post office for the chicks, so the brooder is warm when they get home.  Have fun!  Mary

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The website I followed for my baby chicks mentioned chick sized grit which I forgot to ask when I went to the place, I sifted my adult grit for the smaller pieces
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Chicks will need grit when they start eating other things besides chick starter.  Mary

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Chick starter is all they need:)

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You may want to have a sick chick supplement on hand in case of emergencies...because they seem to always happrn when the stores are closed! Poultry Nutri-drench seems to be the favorite brand, but there are others that will do.
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The new chicks are about two weeks old. They have been eating like crazy and are about six to eight times the size of when I got them! My kids want to pick them up all the time but I'm concerned they will get too stressed out. Is that a problem.



How long should they stay in the brooder?


When can the move outside to the coop/run?

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I set up a heat lamp in one corner of my coop annex, and out they go at about three or four weeks of age.  The temp under the heat lamp will be about 80degrees, and out to ambient tempuratures at the opposite side of the coop.  Shavings for bedding, and no drafts, and grit in a separate dish.  Mary

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When do I start to feed them other food than the chick starter?


I find this forum extremely helpful.


I have read about five books and I still have so many questions! Can any one recommend one good book that is complete?

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My kids want to pick them up the two week old chicks all the time but I'm concerned they will get too stressed out. Is that a problem?

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