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injured baby silkie

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We brought our first chick home from the feed store Monday evening.  She seemed to be doing fine until Tuesday evening when I found she had a large piece of pine shaving stuck to her leg with poop.  I gently washed it off but she's definitely hurt.  At first she was limping pretty badly and kept stretching the leg back.  Now she's definitely favoring it but moving around a little better.  When I hold her upside down and touch the bottom of the foot on the good side, her toes curl around my finger.  Nothing happens on the bad side.  The leg is also out to the side ever so slightly on the bad (left) side.  Is there anything that can be done?  Should she be in some kind of a splint?  

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She could possibly have a slipped tendon or other deformity. I would get some poultry vitamins to put in her water from the feed store, or get some Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell vitamins and give her 1 ml orally every day. Hopefully it is just a temporary injury, but slipped tendon is fairly common. Here are some links to read about slipped tendon:

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I was wondering about a slipped tendon but would she go back and forth between being able to use it and just favoring it?  

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We just changed her water and cleaned her bedding and she was up and moving around fairly well.  She was even eating and using the "bad" leg up on the feeder.  I think I'll still go by the feed store and pick up the vitamins.  Thank you for the suggestion.  

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I really hope it was just an injury. Let us know how she progresses.

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Originally Posted by Eggcessive View Post

I really hope it was just an injury. Let us know how she progresses.

Thank you so much for caring!  I'm so glad this community is here.  
When we went to the feed store to get vitamins and more advice, she said there's not much to be done and just wait and hope for the best (although she did suggest a sponge splint). And then she insisted on giving us another chick as "backup". Well, when we got home, Golds seemed to be doing much better and was super excited to have a playmate. They were instant besties. After letting them get to know each other a little, my son went in to play with the new chick that we named Chirpy. He held Chirpy in his open hand and Golds came running and joined the party. Then they fell asleep snuggled in my son's hand.




I think it was just a sore leg from being stuck to the pine shaving and struggling to get free.  She seems to be fine now!  

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Very sweet. Glad she is better. Make sure he uses some hand sanitizer after handling them. I always seem to get a stomach bug (probably campylobacter) when I get new chicks from all of the washing waterers and feeders. 

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