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4 1/2 wk chick eye problem

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My baby who had a leg problem now has a eye problem. As I examined her, she runs around in circles an only one of her eyes are open the other is closed, so she just sitting with her head down. I have separated her from everyone else but not sure what else to do, please help...
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This is how her eye looks, we don't smell anything but she keeps her head down now. What can I do if anyone knows. Yes I have quarantined her.
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Have you gently looked into the closed eye to see if she may have gotten a piece of bedding/dust in it? If so you can flush it with saline to see if that helps.

Otherwise, could be either neurological or genetic developmental problem or a vitamin deficiency.

Add some vitamins to her water if you haven't done so.

Is she eating and drinking well? If not you can mix some of her chick starter with vitamin water and make a wet mash. Chicks (and most chickens) love wet food.


It's hard to tell in the photo, but is there a small lump/bump under her eye?

Also what type of leg problems did she have prior to developing the new symptoms.


Here's a good list of different vitamins, what they are for and which products/foods contain them:

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I didn't see a bump or anything. I believed she injured her leg or was trampled on but she couldn't use it, so I splintered it for a week and she just started walking again. Then last night I noticed she was not sitting up and her head was constantly down like she had a broken neck, but that wasn't the problem.
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Unfortunately, my baby didn't make it, I'm not sure why, but it's like she just gave up....well onward an upwards. My others are thriving. Every chick or hen I bougy from the flea market has not made it past a few weeks with me, yet the ones I got from a known knowledgeable breeder has thrived...
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I'm sorry for your loss.

Sometimes it can be just a case of "failure to thrive" or some type of genetic/developmental defect.

If you are having trouble with chicks from the flea market or auction you may want to ask the seller more questions such as vaccination details, bio-security, breeding program, etc.

You may also want to consider what new chicks are being exposed to if you aren't cleaning/sanitizing your brooder between new batches of chicks. Dust, dander etc., can hold and "pass along" some illnesses that young ones may not have a strong enough system to overcome.

Also you may want to keep a record of when, where and who you got chicks from, what symptoms/signs the chicks presented, that way you can start narrowing down (hopefully) the cause of loss and make changes to prevent it.

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Yeah.. I had separated that particular one and moved my babies to their brooder in the coop, and now all my chicks have come from one breeder. To be safe though I'm giving my babies a round of vitamins and electrolytes. Everyone else seem to be fine. Thank you so much...
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