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I'm at my wit's end

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I bought these 30, 1-mo old barred rock mix chicks from CL and they were sneezing, wheezing, snotty and shaking their heads from the moment I brought them home. I mean, I could even hear them sneezing on the 1 hr drive home. I bought oxytetracycline and gave them 2 Tbs per gallon of water, literally went through the entire bag with them still sneezing. I did more online searching and decided they were sneezing from the dust and dirt on their floor, bc there was no more snotty noses or coughing noises. A week later I noticed a very skinny, light chick and took her out for observation. Had no luck observing anything out of the ordinary. Back in the coop I noticed several very bubbly cecals. Took pictures, posted on here, got some advice it was possibly cocidiosis. We have been treating them now with corid for 6 days. I did some more research online again and could have fed them too much protein (cat food) and they could have just had diahrrhea, but i am still giving them corid just bc i have no experience with chicken illnesses. The very same chick that was light & skinny is now wheezing with her mouth open; still very light and skinny. I mean she is just skin & bones. They are a little over 2 months old now. I've brought her back inside with a heat lamp but I have no idea what to do for her. I don't know if it's worms or some sort of respiratory illness or...??? I have noted that all the chick's cecals are now darker (but not bloody) than when they were bubbly, if that matters. I don't know what to do about the wheezing chick, I can't see anything stuck in her throat, she isn't eating the scrambled egg I have her, and she keeps wiping her beak on the ground. I'm driving myself crazy researching all these different illnesses and my eyes are beginning to hurt from all the screen time!
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post #2 of 5   Maybe this diagnostic key would help you weed out certain illnesses. I can't find the site I liked best when it came to diagnosing my chickens. Let me know if this helps you out any at all, if it doesn't and I'll find another one online.       Oh, and welcome to the forums! :welcome 

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This link is not working, lol
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She had 2 watery/urated bloody poos last night. And she is still not eating the egg
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It's working now. 

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