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Doughy crop turned into balloon

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I just rescued (adopted) three chickens from the SPCA. Apparently they were very sick and had been aggressively treated with antibiotics and sulfates. Two of them are fine, one I noticed had a purple crop last week and looked sick so I brought her into the house. She had watery stool with undigested particles so I looked at the poo chart and after she didn't eat or drink for 3 days, I started her on antibiotics because I didn't know what else to do. I also started to syringe feed her cooked oatmeal with plain yogurt and probiotics then added chicken feed.

I then realized she had a doughy crop. So yesterday I started the ginger/cinnamon/baking soda/lemon/water treatment. I did forget to add the lemon the third time I treated her.

This morning I noticed that she wouldn't stop drinking. Nthe water had a gel consistency near the edge so I dumped the water, washed the container and gave her fresh water. She kept drinking for two hours when I realized her crop was huge. Yes, I was stupid not to take the water away sooner. This water also started to thicken.

I have not been able to treat her today although I will resume yesterday's treatment of her crop goes down.

She really smelled when I got her, almost like onions or body odor. There was never any smell from her crop.


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I actually massaged it and she vomited up a lot. I naturally turned her upside down, which I read shouldn't be done. What came out smelled like vomit but I never smelled a thing from her beak before this.

The doughy stuff is about 70% gone. I will give her two more treatments of that today then stop. I'm am very pleased with the results.

Unless otherwise advised, tomorrow I will start her on plain yogurt mixed with Probios and give ACV water.

Am I on the right track?
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