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oops... sweating

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I just got some eggs and didn't realize how cold they were. When I checked them about 15 minutes after putting them into the incubator they had sweat on them. I took them back out and let them air dry for 3 hours. They are small eggs so I thought 3  hours was long enough to get them to room temperature, but I was wrong. I put them back in after three hours, and they started sweating after a minute or two. I took them back out, and waited 3 more hours, and now they are in the incubator and not sweating.


Have I already ruined them? Does sweating for a short while do the same amount of damage as if I had just left them in there the whole time?

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just leave them in the incubator, they'll get to temp and dry off shortly, the sweating won't harm them at all.

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