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How about now? It's been a couple days. They have to re establish the pecking order when new chickens are added.

Still under there. :idunno

She appears to be happy under there all by herself. When I take her back to the coop (the times I can catch her, that is) she completely ignores the other hens, tells off the roos and just sleeps in front of the gate or throws herself against it, only stopping when she see's me. Strange bird.

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She may become your new pet...... I have over 100 chickens. At least 10 are roosters. One of my roosters (ccl) sleeps in a falling apart dry rotted plastic greenhouse, He free ranges in the front part of the yard and when the rest of the chickens go to roost, he goes to his greenhouse. We have tried to catch him, but give up after a while. In the end, I feel like he's not hurting anything. He does interact with the hens and chases off any roosters that come into his part of the yard.

Here's a pic of King Tut- my "pet" rooster.
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I have had new chickens take months to fully integrate with he flock and come out of there shell to the point they were no longer visibly 'isolated' from the others, a few days is nothing to be concerned about...
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