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do i have all of the right information on quail

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I’m designing a community farm and I was wondering if you could read over my care sheet and tell me if there’s any wrong information or things you would do differently.


Write up 



Egg cost 1.25

Chick cost 5

Full grown cost 25

1-6 week feed amount .13 pounds

6-8 week amount .25 pounds

8week-1 year feed amount .75 pounds per month 

Special care

Females always need calcium


Skittish, males will fight without breeding





 1 square foot each


 12 inches

Fence type

Small wire


Small box with opening and ventilation


 Food, water, grit and calcium dish




Feed type

Maintainer for mixed flock, layer for egg flock


 Full dish








 Start 6-8 weeks, end 1.5 year


Yearly with 14 hour lighting


Maintainer, added calcium dish



Clutch size and numbers per year


Collecting time

Morning, 5 times a day outside in winter 


7 days, room temperature, 70 humidity

Hatch time

 18 days

Hatch gender


Incubation temp

100 f


 50 %,


2 times, every 7 days

Stop turning


Lock down


Move to brooder




1 sf


 12 inches

Temperature decreasing


Feed type length

Chick starter 6 weeks

Water dishes

 Marbles in dishes

Special nutrients


Grow out pen



1 sf


12 inches

Feed type length

Turkey starter 8  weeks



Butcher age

 8 weeks

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Ok i dunno what the prices are im guessing per dozen on the eggs and all. I have no idea about how much they eat i just filled mines dishes when they seemed low. They dont need grit commercial food is water soluble the hens dont need calcium all the time i raised mine on 100% purina gamebird starter nothing else. Breeding ratio id go 1/6 atleast cause those little roosters run the hens ragged. Storing eggs ive always heard 55 degrees at 60 humidity i always put mine in the fridge door ill save up 2 weeks worth but everybody does it different. I never pay attention to humidity when incubating only time i pay it attention is day 15 i get it to 55 or 60% i also never candle my eggs if they hatch they hatch if not eh. They dont explode like chicken eggs or ive never had them to maybe somebody else has. My brooder is a big rubbermaid container my cage is 6'x3'x18" with 1/2" harware cloth bottom and a large sand bath i added straw once it stayed wet and nasty so never done that again but again everybodys different. I never put marbles or rocks in the waterers i use the smaller bitty waterers. The simpler you make it without trying to keep up with numbers and different feeds its more enjoyable but i only raised for meat and eggs.
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-Prices change with location

-Im guessing this is for Coturnix quail (Coturnix japonica)

-I have a hen that is 2 1/2 years old, she is still laying and breeding. My friend claims he has a 5 year old roo.

-Humidity changes for lock down

-I always have incubation temp at 99.8-99.9 but this also changes with incubator type

-How are you going to raise them? Wire? Flight? Aviary?

-I have a cage height of 2 1/2 feet, no injuries so far.  (used it for over a year now) my other cage is 2' and still no injuries.:hu

-Brooder and Grow-out pen also change with # of chicks

-Color? If you choose a wild color or golden, males have yellow/orange chests, hens have speckled chests

                        (if you get white, tuxedos, or another color, its best to have leg markers of some kind to Identify sexes)

A lot of Coturnix Quail, a few chickens, and a crazy german shepherd.
A lot of Coturnix Quail, a few chickens, and a crazy german shepherd.
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I'm too new at quail to be sure, but what I have seen are 1 male to 7 females.

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I will sell you all the adult birds you can handle at that price.  Just tell me where to send them!

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