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Chickens don't stop to squeeze the poo out of insects before eating them, they don't clean chicken poop off their food before eating it either. Chickens are designed to be not just tolerant of poop, but their immune systems rely on it. Baby chicks have to eat some of the flocks poop to kick start their digestive and immune systems properly. That's why many people recommend putting chook poo into the brooder.


Throwing away obviously good food because there is weevil poop in it, when the chickens eat weevils without first making the weevils go to the toilet first seems somewhat dubious. Sure, the weevil dust will fall onto the ground and be missed by the chooks, but even if they eat it, why jump to the idea that it is bad for them, I can't see it. It's like not giving dogs meat because the meat hasn't been in the fridge. Dogs idea of meat storage is digging a hole in the ground and hiding the meat in the hole. People are not chooks, chooks are not dogs and we don't have chlorophyll in our skin. I wouldn't throw away expensive food on a doubt that is not based in reason, I'd try and work it out or just ask around. All logic says it's fine, I have a very large flock of all ages and one bin right now is getting to the bottom where most of what comes out is weevil poop rather than wheat a lot of the time. Chooks are happy. Chicks are happy. All are growing fast. I'm not going to make silly claims that it makes their feathers shine, I wouldn't pay that much attention to it. It falls to the ground, the chickens are eating the grains, even when the grains are like swiss cheese. Does weevil manure work well on the garden, how does it compare to horse, cow and chicken manure ? I'm sure I don't know, maybe someone in history has cared enough to work it out, maybe not. Many people just give the whole lot to the chooks realizing that they will work it out themselves, if they are happy and healthy and laying eggs and raising chicks then it was a good thing, if they're all dead then their judgment was impaired.


I wouldn't have been so quick to throw out the good food, there was food in the food (weevils) and poop that falls to the ground in the food, which everything the chickens like to eat contains ( everything that crawls, walks, burrows or flies that chooks love to eat also have poop in their digestive systems at the time the chook swallows it whole. )


I just think it's salespeople putting ideas out there that people should not stop and reason about what is good and what is bad, but they should just hand over their money, hand it over now, hand it over fast, hand it over often and above all hand it over without thinking first.