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Introducing New Duckling?

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Some of my friends are getting their ducklings today, and, one of the four I had bought recently had died. They're encouraging me to get a new replacement duckling, but I'm not sure the other 3 with accept them.


The three I have are almost 2 weeks old, and they are all different breeds (1 Swedish Black, 1 Khaki Campbell, & 1 Ancona or Magpie). I'm planning on getting a new mallard duckling (who will only be a week old at most), which was the same breed of the one that had died, which I adopted with the others.


So, will they other 3 accept the new little guy? Should I just avoid getting the mallard all together, or do you think they will bond nicely? Thank you in advance for all answers!

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I'm very sorry about your little duckling. :hugs


I would suggest you not get a new duckling. While they might bond well at this age there will be a significant size difference between your three 2-week olds and a 1-week old Mallard. Mallards are about half the size of your other breeds and with a one week age difference it's an even bigger gap. Though they might not mean to, your ducklings could really hurt a tiny duckling.


If you really want to get another duckling I suggest you try to find one that is about the same size as yours. But you won't be able to just put the new one in with the others. You'll need to introduce them slowing and safely to make sure there aren't any problems. And remember that it might be very stressful for all the ducklings.


I have to say, it's so nice that you are actually thinking this through and considering what's best for the ducklings and not just your wants.

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Thank you for your advice :)

I did not get a new duckling that day, however one of my friend's two ducklings was killed by some predator later on, so I adopted in her other duck so it wouldn't be alone. I believe my ducks were around 5 weeks old when this happened. They seemed to accept him pretty well, and now, even though he's a week younger, he towers over my other three. 

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