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I have seen some quails peck the other quails. And there are no males. They have been in this pen for nearly a month. The quail seems to be recovering but is sleeping a lot

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This same thing happened to me this morning: scalped hen. Treated her with Blue Kote and she's in a warm garage now. I'm almost positive it was my male . Is this something that happens in the spring?
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Yeah itll happen more in spring especially with a male. But quail hens are also kinda bossy when it comes to their areas of the pen. I even had one hen kill another by pecking a hole through her chest in a pretty quick fight. I say quick i was gone 30 minutes came back and she was dead with a hole in her. So i guess it depends on what mood the top hen is in that morning
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Honey makes a great covering.  It's thick so it'll stay on and it's antiseptic, so it'll keep the wound clean and actually help kill germs.


Plus, it makes them taste great if they don't make it.  (No, I didn't say that, did I?)

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Yes you did  :P

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I have found that putting her back in the pen with the others, she instantly tries to find a way out and basically incites the others to go rowdy, one of them even trying to attack her. So it looks like i'm going to have to split the flock. I will probably take out all the ones with forehead damage and see how they go together. Surprisingly the smallest quail (The injured one is the third smallest i think) is the really agressive one. And always has been.

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I had one that always ran back and forth in the pen or sat in a corner and always had kinda crazy eyes. She would shoot side to side in the pen and the rest would watch her everytime i went to the pen. I got rid of her and within a month one took her place and started doing the exact same thing so i ended up always having one looney bird in the bunch.
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