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Cute/Cool chick names

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My kid's named all of their chickens (7, 10, 11) Spot, Penguin, Coco, Twilight, Sky, Shrapnel, Stryzzo, Punk, Midnight, Crow, Golden, Niko, Peepers,

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I love reading peoples' lists of names :)


We have Ginormosaurus, Godzilla, Tweaky, Rodan, Wren, Jay, Mittens, Mothra, and May.


The "kaiju" names were my contribution, and my 9-year-old son named most of the other ones.  Tweaky was named by my husband, because she screams bloody murder every time we pick her up.

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I've got Debbie, Gertie, Rizzo, Mrs. Peck, Ruby, and Chickadee (Dee).
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Most of the chicks haven't shared their names with me yet, but so far I have Dinah, Einstein, Gloria, Angelique, and Lila. If my little silver seabright bantam is a roo, his name will be Captain. One of the Sicilian Buttercup bantams will be Amelia if a pullet or Charlie if a roo (for precocious flying!).
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Right now we only have three. Trouble, Angel and hot lips. But we just got three more chicks, two weeks old and no names yet. hmm.png
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My chicks will be brought to senior living homes as therapy chickens when adults so I thought it would be fun to name them after great american women in history. So there's Susan (Susan B Anthony) and Dorothy (Dorothy Dix)
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So far we have a Nixi ( white cochin) Poppy and Piper (Partridge rocks) Jen ( buff Orp), Buffington ( male buff Orp.) and Goodbye, a white cochin male who is showing aggression at 3 weeks old so we are rehoming him.

We still need to come up with names for 3 buff oops and 2 light brahmas. 

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Our two new girls are now officially named. Lacy (a welsummer, because she has the lacy neck) and lucy ( the Rhode island red, because shes a little dingy like lucy ball)

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