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Thoughts on this feed

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I just got my first chickens yesterday, almost 7 months, and only 1 has been laying. This is the feed i got from a local farm - what else should i add? They are buff btw. Though im pretty sure they are crosses, as they have yellow legs. TIA!
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They could be buff Rocks. They have yellow legs. I am not a feed expert but it doesn't look like it needs anything extra.  

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The only thing I would add is Oyster Shell free choice. It never hurts to have it available and they will generally only eat it if they need the extra calcium.

I just put it in a separate dish and the girls take a piece or two if needed.

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Thank you for the responses! Is grit needed?
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Originally Posted by wiferichie View Post

Thank you for the responses! Is grit needed?

Grit is needed if you feed anything other than a poultry ration. So technically yes.

I personally provide grit in a separate dish as well, they will take what they need. It is usually made of crushed granite and is used to grind foods for easier digestion. If you give them treats (corn, veggies, fruit, mealworms, sunflowerseeds, grass, weeds, etc.) they will need grit.

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