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Chicken died suddenly-- what now?

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Rhode Island Red hen, nearly 1 year old.  Went out to feed the hens this morning and noticed she was laying on the floor.  Her comb was slightly purple, her belly sounded gurgly, crop seemed squishy (but I'm not really sure what it's supposed to feel like), she was shaking intermittently.  Tilted her forward and bile did come out, with some cornmeal like food particles.  She continued to lay on the floor until about 15 minutes later she had a seizure (or so it appeared), and then she passed.  I have been doing some mad googling but haven't found anything that is a clear match, I guess what I'm wondering is does this sound like something that might be a threat to my other hens?  Stuck on what to do next.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Not sure what to tell you but I did find this thread which maybe helpful to you.


Also may could she have possible gotten into something she wasn't suppose to have that could have been toxic to her? 

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