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Brooder Build

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Hello all. Would like some insight on my new brooder build. I have this old file cabinet that I just put on its back that I have been using. It did fine for raising 10 chicks last year but they do outgrow that fast even though it was big for a file cabinet. I bought the brinsea Eco 20 and if I ever plan on filling that up I will need something bigger.

A little more background on my coop. I have a dirt floor shed that's approx 30x60. I have sectioned off a 20x30 space for my chickens. So I still have a large area to work with. I want to build another space as a brooder. It will be outside the chicken space. I have old metal siding that I can use for the walls. So I just need some 2x4s to make this.

How big should I make this? I have what must be a 10 foot section of the siding as well as smaller pieces. So I was figuring making it around 10 feet long by 4 feet wide and as tall as the siding which is waist height (I'm 6'5"). Does that sound good enough? To big?

Another thing to mention is that I will likely be getting turkeys this year. My chickens have officially crapped everywhere in that shed. Now I plan on housing them together but from what I understand they are particularly fragile when young. How do I build this to allow myself to keep poults and chicks together safely and keep them healthy? I understand that there is a blackhead risk but I'm set on getting turkeys and keeping my chickens. I'm also not a fan of building two of everything to keep them separated. Since I want to make this a decent size I would also like to be able to walk in there in order to make maintenance easier. Can I just clean it up and layer down a lot of pine shavings or do I need to construct a floor? A floor would significantly increase the cost of the project. I do have a lot of old laminate floor (the fake wood stuff) but would still need to make a subfloor so I could walk I there without putting my foot through the floor.

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Well I went ahead and started. Pics below.

It's bigger than I had originally intended. It's just a tad bigger than 7x10. I didn't really have a plan. I just looked at the space and looked at my available lumber. There is an outlet right next to it. Just behind on the right as you look at it in the pics. The electricity also comes into the shed at the back right end as you look at it. So either way it's good to go with lights. As you can see the siding doesn't go all the way up the wall. I guess I don't really care. It was easier to cut an 8 foot 2x4 in half than to nit pick the height specifically the same height as the siding. I plan on putting two 250 watt heat lamps in the back corner attached to a dimmer switch. Then a gate on the short end as you look at it in the pictures. So ya. Should be able to raise a ton of chicks/poults out of that thing.

Any suggestions? How high should I put the lights?
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For those of me who are following this thread here is the update. I built the door out of scrap laying around. Need the hinges. Will work on the electrical tomorrow.

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Well all this may be my last installment. Gate is installed. Electrical is in. The lights turn on but the dimmer doesn't dim. I have one on my small coop that I will borrow for now. I found some more siding that will conveniently fit to cover the top bit that I may eventually slap on for cosmetic reasons, but that is the last thing I care about. May likely have to staple some hardware cloth to the gate. Will have to see how it goes first. May eventually get some chicks flying through.

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