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New duckling can't walk - HELP! duckling

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I picked up 2 runner ducks yesterday when they came into my local feed store. They're perky and alert but today one of them can't use their left foot at all. I'm feeding unmedicated game bird starter and I could use any help with these little guys!
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It sounds to me like he hurt that leg somehow. Was he fine when you bought him and you checked on them and he was like this? IF it's just one leg he probably sprained or broken something. This sounds like what recently happened to my duck, I came home and he was quacking and acting fine but he wouldn't put any pressure on his right leg. I would take the duckling to a vet just to make sure he's not seriously hurt.

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Doesn't seem to be in any pain, he allows me to manipulate the foot without distress. No heat or swelling and the blood vessels are intact when checked with a light.

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That's how it was for mine when he sprained his leg, he acted fine, I could move it without him protesting, there wasn't blood or swelling and in the pic it's holding it's leg the same way mine did. I'm thinking the duckling may have just sprained it's leg playing or trying to jump out of the brooder.

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I'll just keep an eye on it for now then. Thanks so much for your feedback! Any other tips would be great. I haven't raised ducks since I was a kid and they're much different than chickens.
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U seem to be doing fine you're feeding it the right food that's usually what I feed ducklings. After a few days see if you can get one of those things that they have for paint rollers and fill it with water so that the ducklings can swim safely this would help with the hurt ducklings leg. Your ducklings are very cute it makes me miss when my Ducks were babies.
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In the brooder are you using newspaper? If so change that out as newspaper can get slippery and cause leg issues.
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I'm using litter over a layer of newspaper to line the brooder box because it's very slippery. It seems to be working out very well.

I did get a paint pan for supervised swim time. They're so funny when they get excited when you drop feed in the water. I do have 2 other chicks in with them, their to small to be in with the older batch I have. My little Sebright Grumpy likes to sleep on their backs and follows the lighter duckling around.
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That is too cute!!!!!:love

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