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Chick struggling to breath

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I have a 3 week old chick gaping when she breathes in. Temp of 104.6 f. Watery stool with grit in it. Throat looks a little mucousy and her nostrils wheeze a bit. Not much in the crop and I don't see anything in her throat. Tried to make her vomit with no success. Doesn't look good so if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

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Ok. I think it might be a respiratory infection or pneumonia. I have pen g but I doubt I can give it by injection in such a small bird. Whats the dose and can I give it orally?

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They can gasp when they have a respiratory infection, are too hot in their brooder, or if there are wet conditions where mold might be a problem. How does her crop feel? It should have food in it during the day, and go down after sleep. I wouldn't try vomiting anymore unless you think the chick has a n impacted crop, since they can choke to death even when done properly. The temperature is in the normal range, which can be 103-108 depending on when they have eaten last. 

Are your chicks outdoor, in a brooder, eating only chick crumbles, and did you hatch them? Respiratory symptoms can be a sign of a respiratory disease, either bacterial, viral, or fungal. Infectious bronchitis, MG, ILT, and coryza are some of the common ones. MG can be transmitted through hatching eggs. Three weeks is kind of an average age when respiratory disease symptoms may occur if they have bee exposed. You may want to read this link about the common diseases:

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Tylan 50 injectable can be given individually by mouth to a bird with a bacterial infection 1/8 to 1/4 ml  twice a day for 3-5 days. Oytetracycline in the water is another antibiotic used, but I would not treat the other chicks unless they have symptoms. 

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I have clavamox and sulfatrim too. Can I get the ones you said at Tractor Supply?

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Chick seems fine today. I kept her inside with another chick over night. It's breathing fine, eating, drinking, peeping. Very strange. I wonder if she got too cold. They were outside with a warm house, but they could go into a pen too. The temps have been high, but yesterday it dropped a bit low with wind. I moved all the rest into the garage and away from the wind, just in case that was causing problems.

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That is good news. She also could have gotten something stuck in her airway or was trying to adjust her crop. 

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