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My duck carried an egg out of her nest over to the feeding tray i lay out for them and she began breaking the egg. I went in and took it out and removed the food and water, since it got contaminated and it looks like the inside was filled with a rubbery light yellow filling.


I rinsed it more or less to pieces in a water tub to see if there was a duckling in it, but i didn't see anything.


I took a picture of what was left of the "egg insides" below. It's about half the original piece.


Anyone know what happened?


She laid 6 eggs, rolled one into the pond which was 2 weeks older than ll the rest. This one i am not sure which egg it is, but i think it was the last egg, since i didn't see a number on the shell.


They are supposed to start hatching around 03-22 to 03-28 for a time reference. This egg was possibly laid 18 days ago (egg 2) or 14  or 15, which is when i think she laid her 6th egg.


I didn't see any marking on the egg, so it may be Egg 6, but i have been avoiding disrupting the nest/eggs since Egg 5. That was the last time i labeled them. I figured she was done by then.