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Yeah ok.... so once its done its job how o you get it off? I have always used but band aids but because it is so active they don't stay on long....

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That's why I switched to duct tape. It'll fall off after a week or so. 

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Ok, so I tried duct tape, worked well only the poor thing couldn't walk. because when its legs are in the right position it pushes its wings out. so it was going around on it's belly, flapping its wings, it has scraped the feathers of its wings and it is red raw so I took the tap off. I tried it in a milkshake cup last night, just to try keep its legs together but took it out and it was upside down, so I don't think i'll try that again.....

I was thinking if I taped the legs together at night, so like for 10 to 12 hours do you think it would slowly help? I is now 19 days old and want to help it all I can before it's to old, although I'm not sure it will live as long as the others, it is constantly sleepy.

The best thing about it is it never complains!!! Always making happy little noises, especially when I cuddle it :)

Just want to give it the best quality of life possible.

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How long did you leave the tape on? They act like they can't walk for a few hours and then they figure it out. At 19 days it might be too late to correct and you may need to euth. 

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I left it on for a few hours, probably about 5-6 hours.

One thing I can't do is cull it, it is quite big and strong and doesn't seem to be in pain......

Should I try tape again or.... just let it sort itself out?

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I left it on for 24 and sometimes even 48 hrs, depending on age.
Does it eat properly? Get around properly?
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Thanks for your help everyone..... but the situation has changed a little.

Taped the legs again, put them out in a small little hutch thing outside, had visitors for lunch, after went to go check the quails and the one with weird legs was missing.

Realised there was a tiny gap under the hutch, looked around and found the quail in the chook run. Picked it up and it seemed alright but on better assessment found that it had a chunk taken out of its back and it's weird leg is even more weird, it's black with bruising and appears broken, kept bleeding but seem to have settled down. This happened 28 hours ago. What I did may not impress everyone.

I used watered down Dettol, & put it on the wounds, and also gave it watered down brandy, cause didn't want it to be in pain, but as usual it wasn't complaining! I have given it one drop of kids pain killer as well. Splint the foot.....

Any other suggestions on what to do but not kill it, oh & it won't stop eating and drinking!

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An alcoholic Quail hehe.  this had to be a first! :love


On the serious side:  this quail needs time to heal, needs lots of recover time in a solid floor cage/box alone. 

Sound like the leg maybe broken.. spline it up give it bout 2 to 3 weeks if that doesn't heal up.. you may have to just accept it the way it is.

As for the back, wash it clean... try to place a Band-Aid on it and let it heal on its own.


I personally would go with the "end" the bird out of a challenging live.

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I know, & it loved it :)

Ok, the foot, looks quite swollen but the blood is still getting to it as the wound on the ankle keeps bleeding, which I know isn't a good thing.... any suggestions to help this?

I currently have it in a small incubator, it wriggles into a fluffy puppet and sleeps. Is this alright or not?

No doubt plenty of people would o away with it, but i'm weak I can't bear to kill something I have been looking after. I can cope if it dies itself, as long as it isn't in to much pain. Hence the reason for the kids Panadol :)

I was thinking of changing the splint in 2 or 3 days if its still alive, as it blood, etc on it. Is this alright or best not to remove it?

Thanks for all your help, love second opinions! 

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Stop the blooding:  Wash area, disinfect, then apply liquid bandage. 


House: A box of any type is good, as long as it is kept separately to heal and have access to food and water.  Will be a long road ahead for the leg to recover enough to be use.  Let it sleep as much as possible to keep it off of that leg.


Splint, leave that on as long as possible, once it is in place, do not remove it until the leg totally heal or else you will hinder the recover process.  Once you notice the chick picking at the splint too much then removes it.


I understand your feeling about trying to help it.   Best of luck

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