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Chicken not getting better? Pls Help!!

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Okay so our chicken Bubbles had sour crop which we found out on March 4th but she had a big crop about a week prior to us being concerned and figuring out that it was indeed sour crop. Anyway we brought her inside and for awhile she wasn't getting better we massaged her crop gave her food that it said to online made her throw up to get the blockage out, all of the things that it says to do online. So after about a week she still wasn't better and we were getting very concerned but we can't afford a vet. So it was our last hope her took her to throw up and out came a giant hunk of hay. If you look at my previous posts you can see a photo of it it may disturb some people. But that seemed like it was the blockage and she would get better. For about 24 hours after that she was very week and gurgling but I posted online and everyone said she would be okay and she was. So it's now March 21st and her crop is still extremely big a few days ago we tried emptying her out to see if maybe the sour crop hadn't gone away but it didn't have the stench it should have and it was pretty much just food. She still poops fairly well so she is getting some food but there must be something still blocking where she gets food because her crop is just always so big. Also she eats EVERYTHING, she acts like she is starving 24/7 if we give her a lot of water she will drink it all but we have to take it away same with food because she just has no limit. Also she has some very good gashes on her crop because she digs her foot into it. Like when she walks she lifts her foot as high as possible trying to get it in her crop but she hasn't gotten it in about a week. Since she is staying inside we didn't want to just make her stay in the cage all day so we made chicken diapers. (We have another chicken who is staying inside because she has some injuries from being attacked) when she walks like I said she puts her foot up high trying to get it in her crop so she does the same with the diaper which is annoying but it's not because of the diaper because she does it without the diaper and the other chicken we have has no problem with it. Anyway the point of all of this is that her crop will not go back to it's regular size and I don't think she is digesting her food very well. I need to find a cure because putting this chicken down is not a option. Thank you xx

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Also I forgot to add she isn't like weak or anything she acts like a regular chicken and has a lot of energy and her poop is healthy but small.

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Can you post photos - better yet a video if you can?

This will be most helpful.

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I took a video and irs about one minute long but I can't figure out a way to post a video if you know how let me know so I can share it with you.
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In the "reply" area there is a small icon in the box that looks like film - it's next to the smiley face.

Click on that and follow the directions.

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Look up pendulus crop. I had a hen with the same thing. Basically, her crop was stretched out for too long and the muscles lost their elasticity. Now they don't shrink up like they should to fully empty her crop and she feels hungry all the time because it takes more food to make her feel full. She will likely have to be watched for sour crop for the rest of her life as this makes it hard for them to ever fully empty it which could lead to old food rotting inside. You can make or buy a crop bra which is a sling that holds the crop up to keep it from sagging and help it work better. Also, if possible give her food in measured portions several times a day, rather than letting her have an all-you-can-eat buffet. This will keep her from over eating and stretching her crop again. Sadly, it isn't fixable without surgery at the vet, but it is manageable if you don't mind giving her extra TLC. If she is underweight from her illness then switch her to chick starter for a while till she is healthy and that may help with the over eating issue. Best of luck. If you have questions, please ask. I had this same situation just last year and had to learn a lot
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excellent info Heatherlaw!

 Also try put a tablespoon of olive oil in her feed or by mouth daily, No not just because I'm Italian LOL because it will help.  doesn't have to be extra virgin lol

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i forgot to thank you. Thanks for telling me that is definitely what it is I am gonna do research on it. xx

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Good luck with your little lady! Hope she is able to live a long happy life.
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