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Need HELP with Muscovy Hatch

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I'm having a bit of trouble hatching some Muscovy eggs and I would appreciate any help as to what I should do. I have NEVER hatched anything before so, as you can imagine, I have a lot of anxiety. Especially since I heard about the difficulty of Muscovy hatches.


I guess I'll start with the backstory. Around Valentine's Day I came across 2 abandoned Muscovy eggs. I carefully took them home and had my boyfriend help me create an incubator set up for them. Mind you, we live in an apartment complex and don't have access to the fancy incubating equipment. 


Our set up consists of an empty box that previously held Ferrero Raffaello candies. The box is about 2 inches deep and wide, maybe a little more. Inside we placed a piece of egg carton fit to hold 2 eggs. On top of that we placed a washcloth and pushed it into the holes of the carton. Then we placed aluminum foil on top of that. We then placed this in a black ottoman storage box along with a desk lamp set on high. Next to the egg box we placed a cup of warm water and a thermometer.


Ok so we've candled and turned the eggs. One egg appears to still be alive, but isn't ready to hatch yet. The other is different...


While going to turn it, my boyfriend discovered a dent on the outside of the shell and we heard peeping coming from within. Immediately we went online for sources and were told to mist the egg and leave it be. So we placed it on it's side and left it alone, misting occasionally. This occurred yesterday, March 21st around 3:35pm. The other egg is still being turned normally.


It is now Monday at 10:26pm. The egg has made more cracks, a piece of the membrane is exposed, and the bird still peeps when the egg misted or nudged. The thermometer reads around 90-99F.


We're concerned about the little thing. Should we assist the hatch? Should we wait a little longer? I don't want anything bad to happen to it! It still peeps but we're not sure if it's a peep of distress or not. After reading all these things about shrink wrapped babies and sticky ducks I'm filled with more anxiety than ever. 


Please help! 


Here's a pic of the initial break, I think it's called an external pip (it's on the bottom right of the egg):



Here are some as the Sunday progressed:




and here is the egg now:



I also would like to add that we gently lifted the egg and you can kind of see what appears to be feathers through the shell AND the egg is warm and the chick can be felt moving around. In addition we DO NOT have a humidifier and instead have placed a warm, wet sponge with water inside the box.


Again, please help! I apologize if this is a silly question or if I did anything wrong with respect to the forums. I'm new but I did read the rules (:

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Whoops, I got the dates wrong.


I meant Sunday March 20th and Monday March 21st (today)


Sorry ^^;

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please ):

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Well I for 1 think you have done a wonderful job considering the circumstances!!

muscovey are not really hard to hatch it's just that they need alittle higher heat and humidity than you've got going. so will take him longer to hatch.

a heating pad may help but don't put the egg directly on it, and anything you can do to raise humidity, as low humidity is what causes that shirk wrapped egg you spoke of.

Now just keep close watch for now it hasn't been to long, as long as you are seeing more progress and he is still making noise you are ok. Worry when you aren't seeing anything happen when you check every couple hrs or if you stop hearing him when you disturb egg. Keep me posted!!!

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