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Partial moult?

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Hi! My eight month old silver laced wyandottes are all laying daily or nearly daily.  Here is my question.  Some of them are having a "change" in their feathers........... I am seeing a lot of fluffy feathers but the feathers they had that were brightly colored (laced) they are losing.  I recently changed their feed to the  "OMega 3" layena - could this be affecting them or is this something normal that I haven't notice in my other chickens at that age?

I appreciate any info you can give.  They do not seem stressed and are laying regularly so not sure what is up.



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it could be sometimes they will molt some baby feathers later I have had some RIR do that and my ameraucana roo did a neck molt at 6 mo. no one was picking him but the new ones grew in way bigger and longer.

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Thanks! I wasn't too worried as they are eating and drinking and laying but they just look a little different.  Their "fluffy butts" are extending over their backs and some on their chests too - no naked areas (can't wait to see them in molt..............ugh!) but seem to be otherwise healthy.

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