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What is wrong with this hen?

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Please can someone tell me what is going on with this hen. It looks like runny white stool. The hen doesn't seem lethargic or having any breathing problems.
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I would give her a shallow bath to clean her vent feathers, and dry her thoroughly. Take another picture. She might just be having some loose poops, but she could be getting feather-picked or have something like vent gleet, which is a fungal infection of the GI tract. Many hens will get soiled feathers and need them cleaned off occasionally or need the feathers back there trimmed. Adding probiotics, probios powder, or some plain yogurt to the food a couple of days a week might help.

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I have not wormed her in a while. So I was going to try that first. I was wondering about the yogurt helping with good bacteria. The information that I have read mentioned getting the good bacteria in them. But they were trying to sell their products. So they never mentioned anything about yogurt.
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The probiotics I mentioned can be found in plain yogurt and in some of the feeds nowadays. Those will boost the beneficial gut bacteria.
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Thanks for the advice.
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