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Help! Sick Duckling!

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I recently bought 3 ducklings from my local tractor supply. They are now 3 weeks old. They've started to get bigger but recently one has been getting tired more often and he is now smaller than the other two. He like to keep one eye closed a lot but he will still open it and use his eye sometimes. He also seems to have trouble breathing sometimes.. it just sounds like he is wheezing.

I always make sure they have water and feed 24/7 and they are in a lareg enough area to choose to be under their heat lamp of not. I have started to let them play in warm water once a day so I know that they are able to clean their noses if they need to. I haven't separeted them yet because the other two ducklings get upset if he is away from them for more than a few minutes.


I just want to make sure my baby Olive (Yes his name is olive!) is going to be okay. And I would like to try to stay away from going to the vet if possible. I'm a college student so money is a tad tight! lol.


Thanks for the help in advance!!

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These are some pictures of Olive and the eye that keeps closing

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Im not very experienced but from what i have read and gathered i beleive they need water available 24/7 thats deep enuf to dunk head all the way under. Not just once or twice a day. And then i add apple cider vinegar to their water which is supposed to help with things like infections/ respitory infections. Hope you get some more advice. And the apple cider vinegar has to be the organic kind. I buy braggs. It says "with the mother" which is important. Regular old cheap apple cider vinegar doesnt have the same health benefits.
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Also with the being tired and not walking as much i beleive can be from leg trouble.(unless yours is lethargic) Two of mine were having troubles. I started adding niacin to their water and brewers yeast to their food and their legs were noticably better in 3 days.
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Is their water deep enough for them to dunk their heads or just when they get swim time?

They should always have water at least deep enough to clean their nares. If he's having eye issues, I'd make sure their water is deep enough for a full head dunk as well.


Ducklings grow so very quickly. Each time I've raised ducks, I have at least one that likes to just sit on their legs a bit between bursts of running around. I added niacin to their water. If you can't find niacin (not time released), see if you can find brewers yeast (not regular bread yeast) and add that to their food. Most feeds do not have enough niacin for ducklings.

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