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Trouble in the Brooder

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I have six 3-week old buff orpingtons in my brooder.  This morning, I found one laying on the ground with her head turned in an awkward position.  She easily got up and can actually walk around in this manner, but cannot seem to posture her head correctly.  Basically her head stays at about 90 degrees from normal to her right.  Otherwise, she seems fine, but I guess she could be suffering and I would not know.


Any guesses as to what is going on?  Does she need to be culled?

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She has wry neck which could be from a head injury or from a vitamin E/selenium deficiency. Start some poultry vitamins in the water containing vitamin E. Selenium is a mineral that is contained in many foods such as egg, tuna, salmon, nuts, and other foods. Chopped eggs are usually tolerated well in chicks. Selenium capsules can also be given. Dosage is around 25 mcg daily. Poultry Nutri-drench and Poultry Cell vitamins have both E and selenium. Dosage of those would be 1 ml daily by mouth. Here are some links to read:

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Thank you eggcessive.  I read the links you provided.  When I walked back out to the brooder, she was basically upside down with her neck contorted in such a manner she could not get to her feet nor could she stay upright.  The condition had obviously progressed rapidly.  I decided to euthanize.  I will provide supplements to the remaining chicks in hopes to not see this again.  Thank you for the help.

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Sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did the right thing.
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