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Portable Nesting Boxes

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Does anyone see any reason that hens would not lay in an area outside of their coop? Example:



If I used some tote containers or buckets for laying boxes in the coop and they get familiar with that as the laying medium. Would it be possible or fathomable to actually start putting one out where they range so they can lay without going all the way back to the coop (predator vulnerability increases)? 

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I let my chickens roam and they lay eggs where ever they think is convenient, including a tote under the carport, the bottom basket of an old stroller on my back porch, and sometimes in an open bag of pine shavings under the carport.  They usually look for places that provide privacy and are shaded.  That said, you may be able to get them to lay in a portable nesting box, but some will still go back to the coop to lay.

Good luck!

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Thanks! I am hoping so, I am trying to keep them ranging to places under trees instead of the open under the hawks( I am setting up autofeeders with cracked corn and conditioning them at a young age to the noise so they will stay near those when out of the coop. Hoping it works out, otherwise the red tails may have their buffet on my chickens until I get some Pyranees dogs. 

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