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Lethargic Chick; Help please?

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A few days ago, I posted about a chick that we believed had Wry Neck syndrome.  It sadly passed away last night.

Now, we have another chick, whom is the same breed and came from the same place.  It is about 3-4 weeks old, and it is CONSTANTLY falling asleep while it is standing up.  We have begun feeding it (and the rest of the gang) vitamin e supplements and selenium through their water as a precaution for Wry Neck Syndrome, but its neck doesn't seem to be bothering it.  It is just super tired.  Sometimes, it kind of pants too.  Its stools are normal, and its walking and balancing just fine.  Are my husband and I overly worried because of our loss yesterday?  Is it just a growing chick that needs sleep?  If not, do you have any ideas of what is wrong?  It's not Merik's Disease, or Coccidia.  We just cannot figure out what else it might be.  We've had trouble regulating the temperature in the brooder, but its not stretching out its swings or anything. Help?!?

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How do their feathers look?  Are they smooth and even, or do they look sort of ragged?

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It's kind of hard to say because it is molting and getting its new feathers.  The feathers feel smooth, but the chick looks ragged because it is getting new feathers.

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If you look at each feather individually, do the vanes come out evenly from the shaft?  Think classic feather shape, smooth and perfect.  Or are the vanes sort of grouped, with gaps?

Uneven vanes or poor feathering could mean vitamin A deficiency.

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They are kind of choppy, like little notches have been cut out in places.  Here is a picture of how it is standing.

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Vitamin E and selenium are both required in trace amounts.  I would get Poly Vi Sol and treat with that.  My guess is a vitamin A deficiency.  I wouldn't wait until tomorrow if possible though.  The sooner you treat the better off he'll be.

Vitamin A is also something you don't want to overdo.  Administer a drop by mouth and then put it in the drinking water.

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We are going to run to the store now.  How many times daily?


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I wasn't able to buy Poly Vi Sol in Canada so you'll need to read the label. 

I wouldn't give more than 1000IU of vitamin A daily to a month old chick.  And even then only short term.


Edited to say:  I did some checking and the infant Poly Vi Sol has 750 IU vitamin A in a daily dose.  I would give him that much for 2-3 days and then cut back.

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Thank you. We are almost to Walmart. We will give it a drop as soon as we get home. Thank you for your help. smile.png. Hopefully it will perk up soon.
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