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Help needed !

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1 week ago, my golden buff hen suddenly lost power to walk , used to lose balance, land on one side and lay there. I took him to a vet, he told me to give him NeuroBan , Enro-C( Enrofloxacin Hcl Cokistin Sulphate) for one week. Now he is quite better, walks, runs but still loses a bit of balance and sits in one place. Today i saw that he was cooking alot and his comb was bleeding a little. Pasted band aid there for bleeding . Any help will be appreciated ! Thanks
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Just checked under the feathers, there seem to be brown small insects crawling. I think its mites, any effective home remedy for mites please?
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Did the vet give an indication of why he was ill?

Is he getting pecked on - the reason for the bleeding comb?

Wash it off, apply some bluekote, plain neosporin or vetericyn spray to the comb, they generally heal quickly.


For mites/lice Clean the coop and bedding, give him a good dusting with poultry dust or try one of the treatment/suggestions in the following links:

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Thanks Rock for your help and useful links, setting up a dust bath right now
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Mites and neurological signs do not typically go hand in hand.  Did your veterinarian give you a diagnosis?  

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Since he is already having other problems I'm glad you are addressing the mites/lice. They can further weaken him if not taken care of.

How old is he?

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He is 16 months old but he lost too much weight. Vet told me to inject 0.2 cc of Ivergen Injection under his feathers for mites.
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Originally Posted by hasaanzia View Post

He is 16 months old but he lost too much weight. Vet told me to inject 0.2 cc of Ivergen Injection under his feathers for mites.

Is he wasting?

It's possible he's has an illness such as Marek's.

Ivergen(Ivomec) can be used for mites, but you still need to provide bathing area(s) and follow preventive measures to keep them under control. Treating your coop and changing the bedding will be helpful in eliminating some of the sources/cracks where they can hide.

Also if you have not wormed him you may want to talk to your vet about treatment of those as well - they can cause weakness, weight loss, etc.

Try to restore his weight by feeding a poultry ration of at least 18-20% protein, scrambled/hard boiled egg, tuna, salmon or meat. Limit treats to no more than 10% of his diet, use some fresh greens, fruits, veggies, meal worms or sunflower seeds as treats instead of corn. You may also want to add vitamins or probiotics to his water to see if that will help.

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I bathee him with anti lice shampoo yesterday. It helped alot, killed the parasites but i suspect that there are still some remaining. He stopped eating since yesterday. Scratching stopped almost.m
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I'm glad you were able to give him some relief.

You will probably need to treat him again in about 7 days.

Sometimes an infestation is hard to get rid of with just a one time treatment.

Hopefully he will start showing signs of improvement soon.

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