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Broke Broody Chicken

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All of the sudden my Welsummer began sitting on all the eggs within the nesting box.  I think it was because I didn't collect for two days so she became broody.  Read up on some material and began removing her from the box as well as all the eggs daily.  Started enticing her with food outside the coupe and in a couple of days noticed that she no longer hangs out in nesting box but prefers to graze in the yard BUT she continues to sleep in the nesting boxes instead of her roosting area and now all my other chickens sleep on the ground outside in the larger coupe.  Do you think she could still be broody if only for hours (night time).  I lost 4 of my other chickens prior to these and they slept up high.  How do I get these to do the same thing?  AND when will my Welsummer begin laying eggs again? 

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Your welsummer will start laying eggs in 2 weeks to a month. Depends on how long she was broody for.

I don't really know how to stop chickens from sleeping in different spots.

What I do is when it is SUPER dark outside pick up each chicken and put it in the sleeping spot you want them to be in. This will take time to get them adjusted.

Hope this helps



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Is the roosting area higher noticeably higher than the nesting boxes?

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Oh and what color does your welsummer lay?

I just got 3 welsummer sexed pullets as chicks and would love to hear from someone who has one.



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My Welsummee started laying today after a week of being broken. Her eggs are dark orange/red just like her.
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I already had an additional roosting area up high for last 4 that I lost but the new ones have not gotten the concept down. I have put them on but only in day light so I'm going to put them up there when it gets dark tonight.
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That is great I am glad she is laying again.
I right now have 2 broody silkies sitting in 19 eggs. I will post pics when they hatch. Most will be silkies some polish silkie mix and some will be maran and ameraucana mixed.
I hope my welsummers lay a dark egg.
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